Porcupine Tree - Georg-Elser-Halle, Munich, Germany
Album info
Length  : 118:44
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 14-11-2007
Track List
01 Fear Of A Blank Planet 09:40
02 What Happens Now 07:54
03 Lightbulb Sun 06:48
04 Lazarus 04:26
05 Cheating The Polygraph 08:57
06 Anesthetize 18:01
07 Open Car 04:58
08 Dark Matter 08:46
09 Nil Recurring 06:59
10 Half Light 05:56
11 Way Ouf Of Here 07:55
12 Sleep Together 10:26
13 Waiting (Phase One) 04:55
14 Trains 06:10
15 Halo 06:53

Recorded at the Georg Elser Halle, Munich, Germany. Excellent audience recording.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Venue: Georg Elser Halle, Munich, Germany
Date: 14 November 2007
Taper: mrruin
Source: Audience
Transfer: AT U853c (DIN) > 3wire BB > Church Audio ST-9100 preamp v2.0 > R09 24bit 48kHz, line in > fades, track edits, downsampling> flac (level 8) > you
Sound Quality: A+ (for audience)
Position: center, 10m from Stage

01 Fear of a Blank Planet
02 What Happens Now?
03 Lightbulb Sun
04 Lazarus
05 Cheating The Polygraph
06 Anesthetize
07 Open Car
08 Dark Matter
09 Nil Recurring
10 Half Light
11 Way Ouf of Here
12 Sleep Together
13 Waiting (Phase One)
14 Trains
15 Halo

Running Time: about 2 hours

**If you HAVE to convert to mp3 do it in a HIGH (320kbps) bitrate**
**Please respect the taper and do not distribute without the info.txt file!**

Show Notes:
Second show of my three show trip, second time I have seen them in this location and it was a brillinat show again. The band was on fire again, Steven Wilson has really grown into a charismatic frontman over the years. Gavin is an out of this world drummer, tight, technical yet still groovy to the wazoo. And I really appreciate that John Wesley is always trying to play something new in his solo parts. A great moment happened during Trains when Richard does some piano thing and the whole band throws smiles around with Steven grinning while singing. This scene repeats itself during Halo when Colin 'slaps' on the bass and you can clearly hear Steven is smiling while he is singing the next words. Fun stuff, things you look for in a live performance :) Another fun thing was Steven's game before Trains when he asks 'What do you want to hear?' and everybody is shouting out titles. One guy chose a particularly old track and Steven was going 'What? Linton Samuel Dawson?...I think we'll do Trains, thank you.'

The sound in the venue was very good, its actually a very wide but not very long venue so you get to stand really close to the stage. The advantage of this is that everything sounds very clear and not distant. The crowd was very respectful up until the encores when people starting to sign and shout along (which of course is fine). I think this beats the London recording and most certainly the Vienna recording I did the day after. Enjoy!