Pink Floyd - Transfer of Copy from Master Tape of 'Omayyad' (Master 2010)
Album info
Length  : 49:02
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Oenone - Fingal's Cave 08:38
02 Interstellar Overdrive 14:10
03 Crumbling Land (Long Version) - Rain in the Country 13:03
04 The Embryo 13:11

Tracks 1 and 3: Zabriskie Point soundtrack outtakes (November-December 1969)
Tracks 2 and 4: recorded live in Santa Monica, 1st May 1971.
Excellent SQ.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd - Copy from Master Tape of 'Omayyad' (Transfer of ) - Master 2010

Here is a good Transfer of one of the most celebrated Pink Floyd's bootleg : Omayyad

1. Oenone - Fingal's Cave
2. Interstellar Overdrive
3. Crumbling Land (original long version) - Rain in the Country
4. The Embryo

I want to make it clear that I share this here only to show in advance the source of our restoring work for the next release of The Lost Album - 370 Roman Yards , The Zabriskie Point Box and a new edition of Omayyad .
Our remaster of the four songs were made on this we called simply Master 2010.

I have to thank again Grolsch for this.
He got this transfer in October 2010.
After he provided me the last one he told me of the chance he could go back to the source of his own cassette.
I've been stressing him for months and after a long work he was able to get this even in CD Quality only.
We had the evidence that the previous owner of this reel (Hans-Jurgen) was making copies with _equalizing_ process.
So the Grolsch's cassette, the source of Master 2008, was probably equalized.

From Grolsch the 3rd October 2010:
Just got back from meeting Dietmar. He gave me his cd that was directly taken off a big Agfa 9,5 ips reel. Playback on an ASC 6002 quarter track ( with Oehlbach hifi cables into a Pioneer PD RW 555 ( heads were de-magnetized every hour, every track was individually azimuth corrected - Maxell PRP CD blank.
The tape was done by TMoQ and traded to Hans-Jurgen in the early 70's.
Dietmar got all his collection some time ago.

See the pictures.
Even the one of the back box is out of focus we can easily read many interesting informations.
First of all you can read the title of this thread: Pink Floyd : Copy from Master Tape of 'Omayyad'
This coupled with the writing on the right side _Produced by 'Trade Matk of Quality' January 1972_
More infos for the live songs .....Electronic.. Re-Processed in Stereo from Original .......(???)

This is another product of my wide research about Zabriskie Point.


Thanks to:
- Grolsch and Dietmar
- Don Hall
- Dub & Ken TMoQ

Released by WRomanus - Roma 19 Maggio 2011