Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point on Stage (MQR 006)
Album info
Length  : 61:54
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 1970
Track List
01 Heart Beat Pig Meat - 1970-01-18 08:21
02 The Violent Sequence - 1970-01-18 07:27
03 The Violent Sequence - 1970-01-23 05:32
04 The Amazing Pudding - 1970-01-23 16:00
05 Heart Beat Pig Meat - 1970-02-11 05:53
06 Love Scene Variations - 1970-02-11 05:53
07 Moonhead - 1970-02-11 05:08
08 The Violent Sequence - 1970-02-11 07:40

Recorded at various locations, early 1970 (see info file below for details). Very good SQ.

From the info file:

Live Disc Notes

Creating the definitive Collection of Pink Floyd's Zabriskie Point Material always meant to me to add the 3 known live performances from Jan/Feb 1970.
As most of us know, the quality of most of these recordings is extremely brutal.
Although I think that these recordings from
Fairfield Hall, Croydon 1970-01-18
Theatre de Champs-Elysees a Paris, 1970-01-23 and
Town Hall, Birmingham, 1970-02-11
never sounded better, they are still an addition for the sake of completeness.
What we have here are live performances of
Heart Beat, Pig Meat, The Violent Sequence, Variations of Oenone, Moonhead and fragments of Rain in the Country, now rearranged in the Floyd's then brand new work-in-progress The Amazing Pudding, which during the following year's road work became the title track of their 1970 studio effort Atom Heart Mother.

The Remaster:
The tracks were all -one more, one less- denoised. Nowadays Noise Reduction is possible with almost no to no NR artifacts at all, which these recordings clearly benefit from.
Static Hum was removed on all tracks.
The Croydon and Birmingham recordings have almost no high-end. By means of harmonic synthesis a kind of artificial high-end was added. This might sound a little „robotic“ at times, but it makes the songs far more listenable.
But in the end you can't change shit into marmelade...
Paris is a bit better. Sourced from the 1995 FM rebroadcast it is the most enjoyable portion of this collection. This is why I added TAP from this date instead of the 2 others, which have that track available aswell.
Only the beginning of TVS had to be patch with the AM broadcast.

In the end one can only say that it is a shame that no better recordings of these dates exist as they absolutely were the climax of early Pink Floyd's most creative period.
Let's close and pray for a soundboard to surface one day while diving down into some of the most mystic moments of Pink Floyd on stage...


Croydon, 1970-01-18
01 Heart Beat Pig Meat
02 The Violent Sequence

Paris, 1970-01-23
03 The Violent Sequence
04 The Amazing Pudding

Birmingham, 1970-02-11
05 Heart Beat Pig Meat
06 Oenone
07 Moonhead
08 The Violent Sequence