IQ - 30th Anniversary In Zoetermeer (MVD-086)
Album info
Length  : 149:39
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 23-10-2011
Track List
30th Anniversary In Zoetermeer (MVD-086) (Disc 1) 75:45
01 Intro Music 02:56
02 Eloko Bella Neechi 01:25
03 Outer Limits 07:46
04 The Darkest Hour 10:32
05 Born Brilliant 06:11
06 Frequency 09:59
07 The Last Human Gateway 21:04
08 Through The Corridors 03:56
09 Human Nature 11:56
30th Anniversary In Zoetermeer (MVD-086) (Disc 2) 73:54
01 War Heroes 01:51
02 Nothing At All 05:18
03 Guiding Light 09:39
04 Closer 08:56
05 The Enemy Smacks 18:15
06 Capricorn 06:25
07 About Lake Five 02:03
08 Awake And Nervous / Caroline 12:46
09 Stomach Of Animal 03:41
10 The Wake 05:00

Recorded at the

From the info file:

Artist: IQ
Title: 30th Anniversary in Zoetermeer
Date: 23 october 2011
Type: Audience
Tour: IQ30
Location: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Rating: A (rated by taper)
Catalog: MVD-086

SOURCE: Church ST-11 Cards - Church pre-amp STC-9000 (high pass filter on) -
iRiver H340 (44.1 kHz) - HDD - FLAC
Recorded by Symfan


Disc 1
01. Intro from movie
02. Eloko Bella Neechi
03. Outer Limits
04. The Darkest Hour
05. Born Brilliant
06. Frequency
07. The Last Human Gateway
08. Through the Corridors
09. Human Nature

Disc 2
01. War Heroes
02. Nothing at all
03. Guiding Light
04. Closer
05. The Enemy Smacks
06. Capricorn
07. About Lake Five
08. Awake And Nervous / Caroline
09. Stomach Of Animal
10. The Wake


Recorded live at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Recording spot: Left side of the venue, 10 meters from stage
Date: 23 october 2011.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, r18339 build 080824.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphones: Church ST-11 Cardiods with STC-9000 preamp, high pass filter on
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 10.0 / Adobe 2.0
Sound editing with CD Wave editor and Traders Little Helper
Flacs created with FLAC frontend (level 7)

The Band
Peter Nicholls - Voice
Mike Holmes - Guitars
Tim Esau - Bass guitar
Neil Durant - Keyboards
Paul Cook - Drums
Johnny - sax


This was recorded at De Boerderij, standing at the left side of the venue. At the beginning
there were some loud talkers, but I could shift a bit so this worked out quite well.
Most talkers were behind the mic so you you don't hear them that much. At the encores a lot
of balloons went around and you here some movement of people trying to hit them. Not much
phasing luckily. A bit of singing along though, but it was a party!
Tracks were slightly EQ-ed and volume was a bit corrected, but I kept the dynamics in tact.
I use no compression. After correction, tracks were split at sector boundaries.
Flacs are tagged for convenient playback on compatible systems.

IQ celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2011. Their touring this year is a celebration of IQ
music. Or 30 years of prog-nonsense as they say. This weekend in october they played De Boerderij
two nights on a row. This second night they played songs from every IQ album including some real
rarities. That makes this a very special setlist. There were three songs we already heard the
first night. This was mainly due to the fact that newcomer Neil and recurring member Tim had no
time to learn more songs. They are forgiven for that. Also special guest Johnny was present again.
Another memorable recording of a very special IQ weekend.

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Prepared by symfan.
october 2011