Porcupine Tree - Forum, London
Album info
Length  : 121:27
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 09-11-2007
Track List
01 What Happens Now? 09:22
02 Blackest Eyes 04:37
03 The Sound Of Muzak 05:14
04 Lazarus 05:06
05 Nil Recurring 06:19
06 Anesthetize 18:00
07 Waiting 04:50
08 Open Car 04:57
09 Dark Matter 08:46
10 Cheating The Polygraph 08:34
11 A Smart Kid 05:23
12 Way Out Of Here 08:11
13 Sleep Together 10:12
14 The Sky Moves Sideways 09:56
15 Trains 05:53
16 Halo 06:07

Recorded at the Forum, London, UK. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Venue: Forum, London, England
Date: 09 November 2007
Taper: mrruin
Source: Audience
Transfer: AT U853c (DIN) > 3wire BB > Church Audio ST-9100 preamp v2.0 > R09 24bit 48kHz, line in > fades, track edits, downsampling, slight EQ > flac (level 8) > you
Sound Quality: A+ (for audience)
Position: center, 15m from Stage

01 What Happens Now?
02 Blackest Eyes
03 The Sound Of Muzak
04 Lazarus
05 Nil Recurring
06 Anesthetize
07 Waiting
08 Open Car
09 Dark Matter
10 Cheating The Polygraph
11 A Smart Kid
12 Way Out Of Here
13 Sleep Together
14 The Sky Moves Sideways
15 Trains
16 Halo

Running Time: about 2 hours

**If you HAVE to convert to mp3 do it in a HIGH (320kbps) bitrate**
**Please respect the taper and do not distribute without the info.txt file!**

Show Notes:
Lucky me to have a friend living in London! Combining a visit with this concert excursion I got treated to a real special evening with Porcupine Tree. Outstanding setlist with a few classics that were not played often in the past few years. The venue was sold out and apprently Steven Wilson's parents were also in attendance. The sound in the Forum was top notch, no complaints whatsoever. It made for a memorable evening, hope you enjoy it as well!

The recording turned out fantastic, you can hear the stereo effects (Drums!) all throughout the show, the vocals are clear and present, bass is crisp and up front, the guitars are loud and crunchy and crowd chatter is at a minimum. Room acoustics werent top notch but the sound engineer did a marvelous job.