Porcupine Tree - London
Album info
Length  : 122:44
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 09-11-2007
Track List
01 What Happens Now? 09:37
02 Blackest Eyes 04:42
03 The Sound Of Muzak 05:53
04 Lazarus 04:28
05 Nil Recurring 06:18
06 Anesthetize 18:00
07 Waiting 04:50
08 Open Car 04:49
09 Dark Matter 08:57
10 Cheating The Polygraph 08:22
11 A Smart Kid 05:47
12 Way Out Of Here 07:57
13 Sleep Together 10:11
14 The Sky Moves Sideways 09:56
15 Trains 05:55
16 Halo 07:02

Recorded at the Kentish Town Forum, London, UK. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

PORCUPINE TREE - 9th Nov 2007 Kentish Town Forum, London, UK - DuncanH 16bit Master

Although DuncanH has been banned from this site by an over zealous mod, he does understand that a lot of Porcupine Tree fans frequent this tracker and have enjoyed his previous seeds. (over 650 d/ls of his last PT Master)

He has given me permission to upload last Friday's London show to Dime purely for fans of the band, he is also aware many Dime Mods are fans of PT too.

By all accounts, this is a fantastic recording, made right by the sound desk with minimal chatter. Hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to add any feedback, I'll ensure Duncan gets to see it.

From the taper's original notes....

'Recorded by Duncan with:
DPA 6041s & Sound Devices 722 @ 24/96000 > Transfer to Adobe Audition > Normalise > down sampled to 24/48000 > track-split > Resampled to 16/41000

I've done two PT gig before (Bristol 24/04/07, Astoria 29/09/06) and was glad to see that they both got the nod on a list of must have PT recordings on a PT tapers forum recently.

Well I think this one is better than both of those.

This is the 24/48000 version and I'll up the 16/44100 version tomorrow if there are a few seeders on this one by then

What a great live band PT are, faultless for 2 hours'

What Happens Now?
Blackest Eyes
The Sound Of Muzak
Nil Recurring
Open Car
Dark Matter
Cheating The Polygraph
A Smart Kid
Way Out Of Here
Sleep Together
The Sky Moves Sideways



*A huge thanks again to DuncanH*