Camel - Alexandria, VA (The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 88)
Album info
Length  : 122:22
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-06-2003
Track List
01 Introduction 01:07
02 Lady Fantasy 12:07
03 Unevensong 06:49
04 Hymn To Her 05:59
05 Echoes 08:42
06 Drafted 05:01
07 Rhayader 07:28
08 Lunar Sea 08:31
09 Another Night 06:59
10 Ice 09:07
11 Spirit Of The Water 03:18
12 Fox Hill 09:26
13 Arubaluba 06:59
14 Mother Road 06:19
15 For Today 14:22
16 Never Let Go 10:08

Recorded at The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, USA. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Camel - The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 88

I was on a break at work, browsing through the Weekend Section of the Washington Post, when I came across the Birchmere listings and saw this: 'Camel - Farewell Tour.' I almost fell out of my chair, then quickly convinced myself that it couldn't be 'my' Camel. Minutes later, after some quick research, I had tickets to see a band that I never dreamed I would see. There hadn't been many opportunities to see Camel in NY in the 70's, but I had missed them all and wasn't about to miss this one. I arrived at the Birchmere hours early and guaranteed myself a seat at Andy Latimer's feet. I've seen some great guitarists up close, but by the middle of 'Lady Fantasy,' my mouth was wide open and I'm pretty sure I was drooling.

June 30, 2003
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA

Recording Equipment: Internal Mic>Panasonic RX-SR29 Tape Deck>(2)Maxell XLII 90>Alesis TapeLinkUSB>Audacity>WAV>FLAC

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Artwork: ethiessen1

Contrast Clause:
The analog Lostbrook tape capture is different from this DAT source:

Interestingly, unless there is a third source for this concert, I'm certain I saw the taper of the above torrent. A guy at my table noticed that I was taping and mentioned that he had a friend who was also recording. He started to point his friend out to me, but my 'taper radar' went off and I spotted him instantly. He was sitting the perfect distance from the stage, dead center, by himself, wearing a vest with lots of small pockets. I still remember the deadly serious look on his face. I would have recognized him anywhere.

I'm not calling this Lostbrook release 'uncirculated' because I sent copies to several people at my table. In return, I received a CD of the other taper's work. His is superior, but mine is still quite nice.

01 Introduction (1:06)
02 Lady Fantasy (12:07)
03 Unevensong (6:48)
04 Hymn To Her (5:58)
05 Echoes (8:41)
06 Drafted (5:00)
07 Rhayader>Rhayader Goes To Town (7:27)
08 Lunar Sea (8:30)
09 Another Night (6:58)
10 Ice (9:07)
11 Spirit Of The Water (3:18)
12 Fox Hill (9:25)
13 Arubaluba (6:59)
14 Mother Road (6:18)
15 For Today (14:21)
16 Never Let Go ((10:08)

Andrew Latimer - guitar, vocals
Colin Bass - bass, vocals
Tom Brislin - keyboards
Denis Clement - drums