IQ - Alive and Awake
Album info
Length  : 123:45
Format  : 2 DVD
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-11-1991
Track List
Alive and Awake (Disc 1) 60:48
01 Menus 02:00
02 Main Movie 58:48
Alive and Awake (Disc 2) 62:57
01 Menus 02:00
02 Main Movie 60:57

Recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Good audience recording.

From the info file:

IQ - Alive and Awake (double dvd)

Venue: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 30- 11-1991

This is a very old one, but worthwile watching.
The quality isn't as good as the other DVD I did make from IQ.
But thats not strange because it was 1991.
To make it more watcheble i had to repair the color and the audio.
Did add some gamma/contrast color so the whole thing looked better (it looked a bit dull)
Had to remove some low bass to avoid some distortion.
After these changes the whole dvd looks very good.

About the Concert.
The concert begins with a pitch black 'screen' while the band plays.
This takes a while before the lights where turned on (takes about 1 minute and 41 seconds)
What follows is a very good concert from IQ.
Like the other Dvd this one also got steady camerawork and was filmed from the back of the venue.
All the songs where completely filmed with good close ups.
Nice to see two songs that came later on 'Ever' (different text and intro)
Also a very nice version from 'the enemy smack' with an excellent performance from Peter.
Funny to see that Peter is dropping his mike again on the floor(its the third time i see it on video)

like Kipling2008 said 'Too much IQ? I don't think so....'

Dvd One

1. Intro/Through the Corridors
2. No Love Lost
3. It all Stops Here
4. Further Away
5. Nomzamo
6. The Thousand Days
7. The Wake
8. Nostalgia
9. Falling Apart at the Seams

Dvd Two
1. Corners
2. Out of Nowhere
3. The Enemy Smacks
4. Awake and Nervous
5. The Last Human Gateway
6. End Credits

Paul Cook: Drums and Percussion
Mike Holmes: Guitars and Guitar Synth
John Jowitt: Bass, Basspedals and Backing Vocals
Peter Nicholls: Vocals
Martin Orford: Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Format: DVD PAL
Source: Audience video (2th gen)
time:1 hour and 59 minutes
Menu:Yes, full motion start and song select menu
Chapters: Every song
Artwork: yes (included)
Lineage: VHS videotape > LG videorecorder > PC/AVS video editor > Dime

Video settings:
Frame size: 720x576
Frame rate: 25
Bitrate: 9400 kbps

Audio settings:
Sample rate: 48khz
Sample size: 16
Number of channels: 2
Bitrate: 224 kbps