Muse - Newton Abbot and Ruptured Ambitions Demos
Album info
Length  : 53:52
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 1997
Track List
Newton Abbot and Ruptured Ambitions Demos (Disc 1) 41:59
01 Falling with the Crowd 05:24
02 Agitated 03:19
03 Coma 03:28
04 Forameus 03:53
05 Boredom 04:38
06 Crazy Days 04:35
07 Sober 04:10
08 Jimmy Kane 03:22
09 Rain 04:31
10 Ashamed 04:39
Newton Abbot and Ruptured Ambitions Demos (Disc 2) 11:53
01 Agitated 03:12
02 Sober 04:09
03 Ashamed 04:32

Demos, recorded at the Coombeshead Studios, Newton Abbot, UK. Great SQ (esp. the last 3 tracks). Interesting to hear these early versions.

From the info file:

Newton Abbot/Ruptured Ambitions Demo
Coombeshead Studios
November 1996 to January 1997



Newton Abbot
01) Falling with the Crowd
02) Agitated
03) Coma
04) Balloonatic ** [Removed: Officially released; see notes]
05) Forameus
06) Boredom
07) Crazy Days
08) Sober
09) Jimmy Kane
10) Rain
11) Ashamed

Ruptured Ambtions
01) Agitated
02) Sober
03) Balloonatic ** [Removed: Officially released; see notes]
04) Ashamed


An untitled demo cassette featuring 11 tracks that Muse recorded at Coombeshead Studios in Newton Abbot between November 1996 and January 1997. The only song released from these sessions was 'Balloonatic', on the 1997 compilation Helping You Back to Work volume 1.

Samples of the demo tape were shared on Muse fan sites on 8th December 2007 and 24th February 2008. The tape was put up for auction on the 28th of February. A cross-website campaign by members of the Official Muse forum,, MuseWiki and MuseMessenger, spearheaded and bid for by informally elected trustee SpaceDemented, was set up prior to the auction's start.[8] The campaign raised ~2,500, of which only 740 was needed to win the auction.[9] Digital copies were released on Muselive on the 9th of May, 2008. The bid itself hovered at 410 in the days prior the the bid and 680 on the last day. In the final thirty seconds, it increased by the final 60. The bid ended at 23 minutes to midnight on the 5th of March. A total of 34 bids were made during the auction.

Three sets of digital copies were made, one in a studio and two by FireSka. The first of these latter two was made using Dolby noise reduction built into the tape deck and the second without.

Responding to a question concerning the demo sixth months after the release, Christopher Wolstenholme joked that Stone would not get any more concert tickets. He described the resultant feeling as being akin to parents showing baby photos to a 'new friend or girlfriend' and thought 700 had been a 'bit of a rip off to be honest'.


In 2009 and again in 2010 this cassette [the Ruptured Ambitions] was listed on eBay. It had originally been sent to Chris Willsher of Ruptured Ambitions Records, based in Devon, by Muse. It featured four tracks from the Newton Abbott demo sessions, although the quality of the tracks on the tape ultimately proved to be better than those on the full demo tape.


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Again, wishing to boost my ratio and give back to the community, this is another thing I received elsewhere, and have not seen here.
I combined the offer since they cover the same material from different sources. I know it's not kosher to just replace the tracks in many cases, and would like to offer things as close to original (complete) as possible.
I can't say this is offered verbatim, however, because the file structure needed to be re-done and SBEs were fixed with rounding.
The MPEG check in TLH went off on the Newton Abbot tracks, and looking at the spectral analysis it drops off, by 13000 Hz almost uniformly. It sounds more like bad NR more so than anything else. If this is a problem, let me know and I will pull it if a mod does not reach it first.
The source of the Ruptured Ambitions tape was preprocessed but cleared the test.
According to my source, I should only need to remove Balloonatic. Should this offend any rules, please let me know.
I certainly hope you enjoy it.