Talk Talk - Utrecht (FM)
Album info
Length  : 41:33
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 27-05-1984
Track List
01 Such A Shame 05:58
02 My Foolish Friend 04:31
03 Have You Heard The News 05:12
04 The Party's Over 05:43
05 Dum Dum Girl 03:45
06 Tomorrow Started 07:31
07 Its My Life 05:36
08 Talk Talk 03:17

Recorded at the Vredenburg (?), Utrecht, The Netherlands. Great recording, taken from a radio broadcast.

From the info file:

talk talk-utrecht 27-05-1984
(adamski 03)
very good quality fm.

another try with talk talk.
turned out that 3 songs were officially used from
the rotterdam concert.
wanted to seed this 1 later. its from an origional tape
of me also. had a bit more work because of the beginning
of dum dum girl was missing and of a tapeswitch.
anyway, you won't hear it anymore.
in fact, this one sounds even better than the rotterdam show.

1-such a shame
2-my foolish friend
3-have you heard the news
4-the party's over
5-dum dum girl
6-tomorrow started
7-its my life
8-talk talk

couldnt find anything official about this concert,
hope there isnt!!!!

i will upload a mp3 below.

i have lots more tapes from old radioshows
and after the smiths and 2 times talk talk i will seed more.