HAiR - Norwegian Cast Live at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (incomplete)
Album info
Length  : 101:01
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 28-10-2001
Track List
Norwegian Cast Live at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (incomplete) (Disc 1) 64:38
01 Act 1 64:38
Norwegian Cast Live at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (incomplete) (Disc 2) 36:23
01 Act 2 36:23

Recorded at the Spektrum, Oslo, Norway. Very good audience recording, too bad it's incomplete.

From the info file:

Norwegian Cast
The Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
28 October 2001

I received these discs in a trade.
Disc 2 must have been the result of a faulty burn, because in none of my players it exceeds 36 minutes and 23 seconds; the disc just stops playing. Looking at the disc it seems there's no more content than this.
I guess the TOC (or whatever it's called) was written successfully as EAC reports the disc should be over 49 minutes long (0:49:05.71 to be exact).
EAC rips the disc successfully until 74.1%; then the program just freezes.
I decided to rip the disc anyway, to have these 36 minutes and 23 seconds at least, securely ripped.
This is the reason why the eac.log says 'copy aborted'.

Track 1:

Boogie Woogie
Colored Spade
Manchester A
I'm Black
Ain't Got No
I Believe In Love
The Rally
Hello There
Manchester B
I Got Life
Going Down
My Conviction
Sheila Franklin
Easy To Be Hard
Frank Mills
Hare Krishna
Where Do I Go?

Track 2:

Electric Blues
Oh Great God Of Power
Micky Jagger
Black Boys
White Boys
Walking In Space
Drill Song
O Mane Padme
Good Morning Starshine (cuts)
Ain't Got No (Reprise) (n/a)
Hell No, We Won't Go! (n/a)
The Flesh Failures (n/a)
Let The Sunshine In A (n/a)
Let The Sunshine In B (n/a)
Hair (Instrumental) (n/a)