Pink Floyd - Thy Obscure Cassettenrecorder (24-96)
Album info
Length  : 70:31
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-06-1969
Track List
01 Side A 47:15
02 Side B 23:16

Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. Good audience recording.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd 1969-06-26 Royal Albert Hall (24bit/96kHz)

Pink Floyd
The Final Lunacy!, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, England
26 June 1969

Lineage: TDK SA90 cassette unknown gen (1985) > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > FLAC (24bit/96kHz)

xACT used to create FFP
*The Technics RS-B965-M is a modified deck - for details see the forum

01 Afternoon (starts later than other copies)
02 Doing It
03 Sleeping
04 Nightmare
05 Daybreak
06 The Beginning
07 Beset by Creatures of the Deep
08 The Narrow Way
09 The Pink Jungle (cuts on side A and continues on Side B)
10 The Labyrinths of Auximines
11 Behold the Temple of Light
12 The End of the Beginning

Total running time 1 hour 10 mins 31 secs

A raw, high resolution transfer of what appears to be a low gen copy of the recording of this concert made by pioneering taper Nick R.

The tape is incomplete - Afternoon starts later than on other copies and the encore of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun is missing.

I have long been a fan of Bernard White's 2nd gen reel (Master reel > reel > Bernard's reel). Bernard's reel has the advantage of being complete but is sadly nowadays beyond repair. A 16/48 transfer of Bernard's tape seems to be the best one available and is the source of the 'jimshoes' version.

Up against Bernard's reel and the one that it was copied from (I have heard a sample), this 'Thy Obscure Cassettenrecorder' copy offers, at times, a cleaner and brighter sound. I believe this is partly because it has been boosted in some way. The boosting is most evident in some of the quieter passages. Back in the late 1980s, and perhaps earlier, collectors speculated that this 70 minute version was by a second taper who was sat closer to the stage, such are the differences between the two sources.

The cassette came to me from an experienced German collector and it had a label to say that it was by 'Thy Obscure Cassettenrecorder'. TOC invited collectors to 'ask for more tapes' and claimed 'copyright'. I have scanned the label and it is in the folder.

Neonknight, October 2012