Muse - Abbey Road Studios (Live At Abbey Road), London, UK (1080i TP)
Album info
Length  : 17:43
Format  : Video
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 28-08-2006
Track List
01 Movie 17:43

Recorded at the Abbey Road Studios, London, UK. Excellent HD recording (with Korean subtitles). This is a .TP file.

From the info file:

2006-08-28 - Abbey Road Studios (Live At Abbey Road), London, UK [1080i] - #1

Date: August 28th 2006
Venue: Abbey Road Studios (Live At Abbey Road)
City: London
Country: UK

Taper: Souls

Lineage: HDTV (EBSHD) [1080i]

Video: A++
Audio: A++

01 - Starlight
02 - Map Of The Problematique + Maggie's Farm Riff
03 - Knights Of Cydonia

Tech notes:
Video: MPEG-2, 29.97fps, 65Mbps CBR, 1920x1080, 16:9
Audio: AC3, 48KHz, Stereo, 384Kbps CBR


- This is the first version released by Souls taped on the Korean channel called EBSHD, it has numerous texts floating on the screen
- It is 14 second longer than #2 by ch1
- Higher video quality than #2
- Lower audio quality than #2