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How does this site work?

First, I'll tell you a little more about my roio collection.

I'm collecting roio's by the artists you see at the left (except for a few that I just listed because I happen to have these recordings).

When I started collecting, somewhere in the late 80's, I bought lp's and (later) cd's on record fairs and in second hand shops. During the 90's I learned (through the internet) about the sharing phylosophy: these recordings should never be sold but be traded or given away for free.

At first I traded cassette tapes, and participated in 'trees', 'vines' and 'weeds'; when cd burners became affordable, I traded audio cd-r's.
Nowadays I prefer to trade lossless audio, in formats like flac or shn, by up- and downloading ('online trading'). Read more about my preferences here.
I securely ripped the audio cd-r's I collected (using eac, with offset correction) and encoded these to flac.

How to navigate on this site?
Well, of course, you start by clicking on an artist on the left. If everything goes well, a list appears.
By default, the list is sorted on Recording Date. If you want to change that, just click on the header of your choice (for instance, click on Rating, and the list will be sorted from excellent to pretty bad recordings). Click again to sort in reverse order.
Click on the title of the recording to get detailed information about the recording.
To go back, press the Back button in your browser. I haven't found out yet how to make this easier. :)

A note on ratings
I rated the shows on a scale from 0 (very bad) to 9 (excellent). I don't think I ever went below 4, but I like to keep my options open. A show rated 9 is probably a professional recording in the best possible format with the best possible lineage. Most recordings will be in the 6-7 range.
Rating a show is a personal thing and dependent of the situation. For instance, after listening to a very crappy recording, the next recording may sound great to my ears - so I might rate it higher than I would have after listening to an excellent recording.