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Pink Floyd (and related)

There are quite a few of great Pink Floyd resources. First I'd like to mention Vernon Fitch's Pink Floyd Archives and his listing of Pink Floyd Concert Performances. On the Brain Damage website you'll find a similar listing. Another great resource is the Pink Floyd Concert Database, which is maintained by its users and updated regularly. If you're looking for info about (older) silver or vinyl RoIOs, the legendary Pink Floyd RoIO Database is very useful - even though it hasn't been updated in quite some time now, and some info isn't very accurate anymore. The Pink Floyd Vinyl Bootleg Guide is an up-to-date resource for Pink Floyd bootlegs - on vinyl only (as the name suggests).


Edensongs has an extensive list of Camel gigs. You can find a similar list in the Tourtable section on the Pink Camel website, where you'll also find the amazing Recording Index, complete with artwork and setlists.


You'll find a lot of information about Muse on MuseWiki, which "provides up to date and disturbingly detailed information about every concept of the band Muse". For me personally, the Gigs section is the most interesting.

Tori Amos

After the demise of excellent sites like and, there's actually only one great site left (afaik, imnsho, etc.): toriphoria. The tours section has an extensive list of all Tori Amos concerts, complete with setlists and lots of MP3 downloads. Be sure to check out the boots section as well. If you're looking for information about original (silver pressed) Tori Amos bootlegs, check out the Tori Amos Bootleg Discography. Even though it's not maintained anymore ('Last modified on June 14, 1999'), it's still a wealth of info. Another site that seems not to get any updates anymore is the legendary Undented. The Tour section is very informative.