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My preferences

Below, you'll find my preferences of how I like to receive audio roio's.

Important: as these are preferences only, these will be very unlikely to be deal breakers. Take these preferences as a reference. ;)

  • Lowest gen possible.
  • A hi-res transfer of a vintage tape.
(in listed order)
  1. Lossless audio files (personally I like flac the best) exactly the way you received them, including ffp and/or md5 files (the latter certainly in case of shn files), an info file (*.nfo for instance, or info.txt) and artwork.
  2. See 1, but with something missing. I don't really care if the artwork is missing. I care a little bit if the info file is missing (since I'll need to enter all the info myself into my database, instead of just copy/paste). I do care if the ffp or md5 files are missing. Just let me know ahead of time.
  3. If you have the show in another format than lossless audio, it depends on the format you have. If you have a fantastic recording in a lossy format (like mp3), I might be interested. Sometimes a lossy recording is the only thing available (think of demo recordings made available by a band by putting an mp3 on their website, or an audience recording made with a device that's only capable of recording into some lossy format). If you have a show on audio cd, please rip using EAC in secure mode and preferably using the right offset and then convert to flac (or another lossless format).
(in listed order)
  1. Online trading.
  2. Offline trading.